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What is Hits Analytics?

Hits synthesizes web analytics, ecommerce domain expertise and ad re/targeting in a single, easy-to-use interface.

Understand your ecommerce business with powerful analytical tools.

Grow your store by driving conversions through our ads platform.


Who are my most active users? What was the last purchase made by a particular user? Which products are proving to be popular? Get answers to such questions and more.

Hits provides instant access to user, product and transaction level analytics in a clear and intuitive interface. No programming or SQL knowledge required.


Understand the profile of your most loyal customers and your most voracious splurgers. Track the lifetime value of your customers to identify users who are at risk of churning.

Hits will automatically suggest user cohorts who should be targeted with ads, providing easy one-click triggers to increase your revenue and profits.

Automatic Ad Creation

Hits will automatically pull product metadata from your catalog, resize product images and create compelling ad creatives. Wave your wand and watch the magic unfold!

Unlike other ad platforms, Hits does not put you through any hoops of tedious manual entry. You can now target customers with a unique ad for each and every product in your inventory.

Profitable Campaigns

The secret to profitable ad campaigns lies in showing the right ads to the right users at the right time, while spending optimally.

Hits intelligently creates ad campaigns, prioritizes users who are most likely to make a purchase, while keeping a close eye on your budget and conversion metrics to maximize profitability.

Works on all shopping cart platforms

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Simple Javascript integration

For Shopify store owners

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And more ..

  • CRM

    Rich profiles of your customers to help you understand what drives sales

  • Cohorts

    Slice and dice your user and product base by various parameters

  • Attribution

    Understand which users clicked on what type of ads

  • Product Intelligence

    Understand how each individual product is selling

  • Abandoned Carts

    Get deep user and product level insights into your abandoned carts

  • Conversion Tracking

    Understand how your campaigns performed through the lens of of conversions and revenue

  • "From the weekly summaries to the detailed metrics, Hits Analytics has provided us with valuable insight into our site and our customers.

    As everyone in the game knows, knowing your customer better will make you better. Hits Analytics helps you get that customer information while providing channels to increase customers and revenue."
    "Clean interface. Intuitive dashboard. Easy to use. Great as a health screen for our business!

    The ad campaign feature is the best part -> two clicks, and boom, you've got conversions flowing in. We started our first campaigns a couple of months back and saw high multiples of return-on-ad-spend. We've since tripled our budget - it was a no-brainer!"

    Hits Analytics is Free!

    It is absolutely free to use the analytics provided by the platform. Hundreds of Shopify stores use Hits Analytics everyday to make intelligent marketing and business decisions.

    So how do we keep the lights on?

    We get paid only when you create ads through our platform. We take only 20% of your weekly budget as our fee (For example, if you set a weekly budget of $50, $10 of it will be our fee, $40 will be spent on Facebook).

    No hidden fees, contracts, or surprises.

    Don’t want ads? No problemo. Just use our world class analytics for free.

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